Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Revealing Vintage, Antique Stash

Sharing up close and personal some of my vintage, antique stash.  My basement and closets are full of so much more but I can only set out so much.

Two smaller vintage, antique pictures/photos.

A vintage style bird cage with a hanging votive cup.  I bought it off of Facebook at Old Tyme MarketPlace

Vintage/antique Shakespeare's book

Distressed vintage candelabra  

Beautiful antique china plate.  I can't find my plate stand but I will.  It is just perfect for the decor.  One piece of my stash.

A picture from 1939 that I had as a little girl.  A vintage treasure that grew up with me.  Aren't the doggies so cut?

Vintage metal embroidery hoop with a decoupaged magazine picture of a barn scene.

Looking at this little toy tin chair I get so excited.  My favorite piece of all the vintage, antique stash I have.  I adore this little chair.  I don't know a thing about it but I hug it!

Reader's Digest page decoupaged onto wood.  It is a vintage piece as well.

Antique dresser scarf with delicate pink flowers embroidered. 

Vintage, antique music box.

Vintage music box.

Vintage picture of a rose.

A vintage toy tin plate, Ohio Art, and one of my toy teacups I had as a child.

A vintage toy tin plate, Ohio Art, with a antique tin and vintage make-up.

Antique glass bowl filled with rocks that Dustin collected and polished and sea shells from out vacation to Surfside, South Carolina.

An antique wash stand with a 1940's white candle lamp, antique scales, vintage books, my baby bottle, small dresser scarf, and a piece off an weather vane.

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