Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Putting DE-COR Back Into Our Home

Remembering the joy of buying our first home and I did that as a single Mom.  I was not only proud & excited I was anxious to get it the way I wanted.  So many decor ideas of decorating flashed through as I was constantly brainstorming setting in my head.

Dustin's Memorial site is here

The house was bought on April 15, 2005.  My son; my only child was killed in a car accident on June 8, 2005.  It was that devastation that took any desires I had for decorating.  I bought the house so he would have something when I was gone not the other way around.

About two years later I met Michael and soon he moved in with me.  Just as if he had said it yesterday, "Are you going to move in here?"  There was nothing on the walls or out.

Slowly some of my treasures came out of hiding but not much.  Lately blogging sites, friends, Pinterest, Hometalk have given me inspiration and God has given me strength to start putting huge word DE-COR back into my home or for the first time in my own home.

One of my greatest loves is vintage, antique and JUNK!  Nobody would be able to know that looking at my home.

Remember I have Mom living with us who likes vintage but LOVES Early American, Michael likes all furniture finished to a high gloss and left as wood, the manly look.  Eclectic is truly the rhyme and reason in my decorating.  All needs are pleased.

Now that I have rambled on forever have a look.  Our home is lived in, we are not like all of those beautiful blogs with the perfect house, furniture and pics.  Why hide the fact that we live in our home so what you see is who we are.

A little corner shelf that has been distressed and nicely displays a vintage teapot, blown glass pumpkin, and a Monet teapot.  My home town ins known for The Pumpkin Show so somewhere there just had to be a pumpkin in the DE-COR (decor).

The mantle which by majority voting, was not allowed to be painted. I used a vintage table scarf to brighten up the space.  My brother Billy (who was killed in Vietnam in 1968) and Michael's (my fiance) pics are not going to hang there.  They are both in frames that only hang so they are hanging out on the mantle ledge for now.  Once I fix the frames they will go nicely with the decor on the vintage WWII Trunk in front of the fireplace.  The decor of our home is all over the place as I said, eclectic.

An old rugged, vintage box was hung to show off some tiny vintage treasures decor.

Michael's toy box from his childhood is lightened up with a antique table or dresser scarf that I instantly fell in love with.

The trunk turned side table adorns some of my fav items.  My rocking horse that I got for Christmas hen I was two years old.  It is an old thing just like me!

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