Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crazy, Crazier...."Me Time" Gone

I have missed blogging and social media so much!


It was decided that Michael would start Aqua Therapy for his stroke rehab.  Each day that is about three hours gone.  Not complaining but my "me" time was cut and I really need the "me" time.  This type of therapy is helping his so much.

Meanwhile my Mom, 83 years old fell in a grocery parking lot.  She got banged up good BUT received a high ankle sprain.  So trying to keep her off her feet, elevate her feet, ice, and relax was like trying to blow a bubble in a wind storm.


At this time I am a servant to two, I said two adults who need me and sometimes at the same time.  I am just one person and my limits were really stretched.  In addition I had my own things that needed to be done.  So my blog, social media, etc got neglected.  I was in withdrawal.


Last night we all agreed that I would be able to get caught up with all my online loves today.  Well the thought was good while it lasted.

Mom decided to make chicken salad.  She called for my help to reach a bowl.  She called for my help to fix get the food processor and another call to get it going.  A call to stir the salad.  A call to put it in a container.

I looked over at the kitchen sink and just about freaked out.  So there I was on my free morning doing tons of dishes.  I could have unloaded the dish washer but why bother something else would come up.

I told Mom to go get into her recliner, prop up her feet.  Well she told me she forgot her drink, a Crystal light mixed with Cherry 7-UP.  I took it to her.

Back to doing dishes.  Honey can you put my Tet hose on?  Got her hose on....back to dishes.  I hear, "Oh shoot!"  I ask what?  "I forgot my ice pack."  Got the ice pack.  "Honey I hater to bother you but my pain pills are in my bedroom and I should take one."  Medicine given.

Michael, wanted his drink refilled, some trail mix and me to fix his computer.  All done.  Dishes finally got done.

Ready for a nap now but the chance is finally here.  Mom is sleeping, Michael on the computer. ahhhhh peace.

Don't get me wrong love them both but a gal needs her "me" time.

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