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Tutorial for printing onto fabric without a laser computer.

Things that you will need:
• Scissors
• Freezer paper
• Material
• iron
• 8.5 x 11” piece of paper for pattern
• Graphic, pic or whatever you want printed on the material
• Computer
... • Program such as Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Gimp, etc
• Printer

1. Hold a piece or 8.5 x 11” paper over freezer paper and cut to size
2. Iron on lowest setting, freezer paper wax side up, place material onto the waxed side. Iron enough to mesh the two together.
3. Place Waxed Material in your paper tray of your computer
4. Open program open desired graphic OR (I do this in Word as insert an object seems to work better)
5. Print
6. DONE your material has an image on it. Gently pull freezer paper off.

Was drinking my morning jo thinking about adding a signature to my posts. Then I came up with a very simple way of doing it.

1. Write your name on plain white paper

2. Scan the name paper
3. Use a program like Microsoft manage, PSP, PS, Gimp to crop the signature
4. Save it to your files
5. After posting insert the signature as a pic.

Wasn't that so easy?


  1. I just finished using one of the generated sig sites. Had not EVEN thought of this! Going to re-do mine! TFS

    @ www.pjstreasures.blogspot.com

  2. I've been checking out your blog, lovely! This is a fab idea :)