Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Flea Market Vintage Finds, Treasures, Junk

The first of the month brings our local Flea Market to town.  Always excited to get there.  Got up early to get things done I needed to do....priority.....I jumped into the car and was off.

Lots of smaller things were in my bag this time.  It was all good.  I had done very well this time getting better prices.  My fear was gone.  Pointing out what was wrong as I learned from The American Pickers to get a lower price.  So proud of myself.  My bag was full a couple of times as I had to go to the car to empty the new treasures so I could get some more.

Finally it was time to leave.  I noticed a sign that said, "Really low prices on all kinds of stuff.  Come to the Grange building."  Energized from the luck of the morning I was headed to the Grange Building.  On my way I remembered I had forgotten to stop at this one place at the Flea Market that was outside.  My car didn't even hesitate in pulling into a spot to drool over more "junk" as in "treasures."

There before my eyes was a floor lamp that was just screaming my name.  It was vintage, the style I had been looking for and in all of its beauty there it was before my eyes.  Ahhhhh, now the price.  Once the gentleman told me the price my hopes dropped as there was no way I could pay what he wanted.  So just like Frankie from American Pickers I set aside the items that I wanted and had a bundle.  Right at that moment I got my price plus the man gave me a small cupboard (that I do not need BUT it was FREE).  AND he told me he had a barn full of "junk" and that I was welcomed to come to pick it.  Oh was I riding cloud nine now, you betcha I was!

He loaded my finds and as I got into the car I couldn't wait to show Mike and Mom my treasure hunting finds for the day.

I haven't taken pics of the smaller treasures yet but I snapped a few of the items to share with you today.

Tomorrow I will have pics of the smaller items.

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  1. Nice haul Nancy!love the lamp I have one similar that's missing the socket mechanism just waiting for some tlc... I adore American pickers too! I drool over their hauls weekly. Can't wait to see what you do with your finds.

  2. love vintage too I find the bronze candle in the garbage 5 years ago
    You have interesting and nice blog! Do you want follow each other? If you want , let me know. Keep in touch, greetings from Moscow!

  3. Followed you back!

  4. Nice finds indeed! After seeing your sled, I'm sure these newest finds will be looking wonderful too! I love the intricate work of these older pieces too and it's true, they just don't make things like they used to ~ hope all is well with your Mom and your Man! Judi