Monday, August 5, 2013

Say What? I Didn't Bloom Until I Was 41 YO

To say the least I was a late "bloomer."  I was 41 years old when I realized who I was and what I wanted out of life.  Better later than never.  Can you fathom the fact that some people go through their entire lives not knowing who they really are or "what they want to be when they grow up?"

It is not clear why it took me so long.  Everything else in life came to me early.  I walked at 8 months, had to have wisdom teeth out in my teens, oh and Ms. Mother Nature came to me when I was 11 years old.  The really important realizations came late for me.  Actually it was when I went back to college I got my mojo (is that a word still used?).

Each day I am learning who I am and I learn new things about myself.  If someone would have told me I was just like my Dad I would have argued for hours that I was not.  Hmph (saying with my arms crossed) I can see it now since he died in 2011.

Let's say I am a mixture of both my parents.  The drive, creativeness, dreams of what could be and leadership or some say bossy (I feel I am just an organizer and leader lol) that came from my Mom for sure. I will never ever come close to being the person she is. She can do it all with a smile, finds the good in everyone and has the patience of Job.  The part of me that doesn't put up with anything is Daddy, me being grouchy, bullheaded and opinionated is definitely from Daddy.  Both instilled work ethics in me which I will be forever thankful.  There are no two people that worked harder in their lifetime that I know.

So let's see looking back 10 years I would have never dreamed that I wouldn't have my baby boy, Dustin with me still.  He was killed when he was 17 years old in a car accident.  If you would have told me that I would survived his loss believe me I would have told you that you were crazy.  I wasn't that strong.  I am surviving his loss, still grieving everyday but living through the pain.

Me doing graphics?  Hahahahahaha there is no way, but I do and love doing it.  Learning a graphics program took me months to learn and I am still learning.  Knowing enough to get me through and not cause trouble is fine.

Traveling, me?  No way I just didn't like to travel much.  A really sweet, loving man came into my life that loved to travel either by his vintage Honda Gold Wing or by car.  Didn't much matter as long as we went.  I saw more and experienced more after I met Michael than I had my whole life.  I found so much enjoyment in exploring different states or sites.  Again learning.  I know you know "Knowledge is Power."

So many years growing up I absolutely hated the old antiques that flourished in my home growing up.  I thought it was a sign of being poor.  Now drooling occurs when I see vintage pieces that I yearn for.  What is really surprising is that now I am actually working with furniture, fixing, distressing, and painting? Somebody slap me so I can wake up!  Me?  No that was something my Mom did not me.

I saved the social media and blogging for last.  It's funny, I know more about some of you than I do my neighbor.  It has been since Dustin's death that I felt safe socializing.  Maybe since I can do it here in the comfort of my own home in my jammies, bedhead, drinking coffee that makes it more comfy.  I am more at ease now.  I am truly addicted to all things social.  Every link that supplies information I am reading it to learn more and more about everything.

You may be there sitting and reading my crazy rants thinking I cannot do all of that.  The important thing is yes you can.  Never stop learning and pushing yourself to heights you never thought of going.  I know I am afraid of heights too but the secret is don't look back just keep going toward your goal.

Will you make a couple of goals of something that you want to do but have never tried for fear of failure?  Is so, stop that!  Bloom where you are planted.  This is what I have had to do, no other choice was there for me.  Read this again 'bloom where you are planted."

Come on and try, let me know how it all turns out for you.  Email me at anytime

Get out there and live today!
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