Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh no not birds....

The fact that I am writing this article about birds is to say the least surprising to me and it would be for all that know me.  I have Ornithophobia or fear of birds.  For that matter I fear anything that flies, butterflies, OMG moths, if it flies I am afraid.

What I do enjoy is rather deceptive; I think it is beautiful to watch them.  We have eight or nine bird feeders that I fill up so we can see the different birds in our area.  Early in the morning when I am sitting on the porch with my morning cup of jo I can hear them all talking to each other and waking up themselves. 

My share today is the types of birds we see at our feeders and of course the occasional squirrel. 

The most beautiful I think is the Cardinal.  It is our state bird in Ohio.  They have a beautiful song to and love to come to our table to eat.

The female Cardinal lacks the brightness of its male partner but has beauty all of her own.

This little tiny Wren has the most beautiful song and believe me they are so loud too.
Listen to them here 

Then we have the gangsters, the Blue Jays.  So pretty and yet so mean.  When they come to the feeders all the other birds either fly away or the Blue Jay goes after them.

Next is our tiny, fluttering Hummingbird.  Love to watch them come and go.

Now the Grackle we try to keep away.  They are not afraid of us anymore.  So ugly, eww!

Aren't they scary looking?  eeeeewwww!

Now to our sweet finches.  So many in different colors.  I love to watch them eating upside down.  

A Robin sings a loud song outside my bedroom window.  They have some lungs.  Robin's mainly feast from the ground.

Cannot forget our Sparrows.  They are the messiest eaters ever.  Once at a feeder they start tossing what they don't want onto the ground.  Aggravating but what can you do?

Last but not least is our Woodpeckers.  Amazing to watch and hear in the little woods behind our house.  So beautiful also.

We have other birds but haven't found out what they are yet.

I get along with our birds as long as they know to not fly in my direction.  One day sitting at our lawn table with company, a Hawk swooped in between us chasing a small bird.  I just about fainted.  My heart was pounding so loud and fast.  The closet that a hawk has ever been to me.

Have a wonderful start to your week.