Monday, June 24, 2013

Manic, Maddening, Mostly, Mindful, Merry, Musing Monday

So here is a start to a new week.  All weekend long we think about all the things that we want to get accomplished the following.  Well the following week is here.  

So on Mondays we should set goals, make plans and get the week rolling.  Get off to a good start.  That all depends on the type of weekend you had. 

Take a deep breath, relax and contemplate what you want to accomplish this week.

Set goals, write them down

Start using a calendar

Make plans

Do something that you don't usually do

Relax 15 minutes a day just for you

Listen to some good music


Visit 10 new blogs and follow them

Tweet about the blogs

Join a Blog Hop or Linky party

 Call a friend and just talk and laugh

Write down a thankful list

Tell someone you love them

Now you have some suggestions.  Leave a comment as to what you plan to do.