Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mariah, The Fairy and Revelations

It was a warm and sultry summer day in rural Ohio.  She sat on the bank of a creek with her curls waving in the air and looking so peaceful.  Dressed in a muslin boho dress with her hot boots all tied up.

The air was thick, perspiration ran down her face as the heat wasn't going to let up.  Mariah's thoughts turned to the woods about a hundred yards away.  Then it was back to a swim.  Having been here before she knew how miserable she'd be once out of the water.

Slowly raising up with a warm breeze catching her she slowly took slow steps as hopes the gentle puffs of wind caught her.  Relief from the heat was all she could ponder.

Once in the woods she had known all her life.  As a child it was a wonderful hide and seek with lots of tiny spots where nobody could fine her.  As an adult the woods had a different more emotional memories for her.  It was here she poured her soul to the nature around her.  Soaring trees embraced her every tear that swiftly ran down her pure ivory cheeks.

The tree stump that had become her resting place for all times good and bad was waiting for her.  A sense of warmth and inner peace came over her as she rested on that old stump.  With her eyes closed slowly all the problems seemed to have disappeared for that moment in time.  Reflecting back clearing the cobwebs of her mind and seeing her past as turning a page in a scrapbook.  She smiled.  She was peaceful.

Suddenly a noise interrupted her peaceful moments.  Eyes wide open and looking around as to what the sound was: where was the clatter?  She gulped in a enormous breath in her surprise as to what she was seeing.  Not sure if she should move or stay silently still, confused as to what to do.  A petite voice whispered, "Where have you been all of these years?  I have missed you so much."  Shocked she was speechless.  "I thought you were only in my imagination.  You can't be real."  A reply, "But I am real."  There in front of her was her fairy from childhood.  The fairy lived in nestled in the trees, moss and leaves.  Her one purpose was to take care of Mariah.  Years had passed since she last saw her.  The fairy's name was "Princess" the name Mariah gave her as a child.

Princess said quietly, "Your life would have been so different if you would have come to our place for me to take care of you.  My darling Mariah, you have needed me and didn't know I was here for you."

Mariah didn't know whether to cry, be scared or leap into a joyous dance.  "Oh Princess I didn't know you were real.  I should have come back to see if you were or not."

Out of the blue they heard footsteps.  Princess stated quietly, "Hurry we must hide.  We don't have much time.  It's........." be continued

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