Monday, July 8, 2013

A New Trend for Mondays

Yes it is Monday already for those who work outside the home.  The two fastest days of the week are your two days off.  There is just not escaping it Monday still comes around as the second day of the week.  Accept it, make it exciting.

Almost everyone I knows hate Mondays.  Let's start a new trend and start loving Mondays for a change.  Make it more of a fun day than a Mundane day.

Mondays are always good for making goals and plans for starters.  It would be good to have Monday evening set aside for just you.  

You could go for your favorite coffee at the little nook

Take a long hot tub bath with candles and scents all around.  

Find half an hour to escape into a great magazine without interruptions or journal.  

Make Mondays "Family Game" night.  Get out the board not bored games and have a wonderful evening with family.  Share types of music being played in the background.  

Get a pedicure one Monday a month, awwww doesn't that sound wonderful?  A massage?  

So many ideas to make your Mondays a day to look forward to instead of dreading them.  Maybe it will catch on with your co-workers, family and friends.

From me to you have a fabulous Monday.  

What would you like to do on Mondays that you could look forward to?  Please share your ideas.

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