Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Poor Studio....

Ashamed I am even going to write this and share with you what I have done.  

Before Michael had his stroke he did everything....even all the laundry.  Okay back to topic.  He built me sturdy shelves, 4 sets of them for my "creative" studio.  Also included was a work bench/table to allow me plenty of space to work on crafts.  

I have before photos but every one of them is blurry.  Here are the after pics.

This was set up in the basement and I had lots to clean and sort before we could begin.  My poor basement gets it all.  Now remember I have my stuff, Michael's stuff and my Mom's 64 years of marriage stuff all in the basement now.  It is just horrible.  I need one of your organizers to get in there and help me!  lol

When finished it was beautiful.  Just what I had always wanted.  Now the shameful part, it is a disaster.  I couldn't work on my bench if I had to.  My supplies are everywhere.  My goal is to get it back to the way it was but I keep saying that is a winter job.  

There is limited time for jobs like that.  Even though Michael has an aide 8 hours a day it still seems to go by fast and I don't get things like that done.  I mow, take care of our gazillion flowers, get up in the wee hours of the morning to do my blogging so by 10:00 AM I am ready to go back to bed.  Then there is therapy, doctor appointments, etc.  Not making excuses I need time management again.

Hopefully one day I will have my studio back.

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