Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ranting A Little...Time Management Suggestions Please

Have you ever had one of those weeks when its seem all you do is run in circles?  That has been my week. So many irons in the pot and I didn't do any of the justice.  

There is nothing better for me than to have a full plate to keep me busy.  Well this past week was forcing me to have two full plates which made me bonkers!  Some say I am bonkers anyway but for the sake of this post we will ignore their thoughts.

A huge search is on today with some great tips for time management or......maybe with some help hours could be added to each day.

Here's the problem which isn't a word that I want to use let me say quandary that I am allowed myself to enter.

With great muster I try to get up at 4:00 AM to 5:00 AM to get my "online" fun completed before anyone else is up.  Once my Mom is up, let remind you she is 83 years old, she starts in with all the "organizing" tasks that she feels needs to be addressed.  She does allow me a cup of coffee before she starts in.  Just so happens that none of what she has mentioned is on my list of to-dos.  So I inform her of my plans for the day which is probably not a brilliant idea because she keeps reminding me throughout the day of what has yet to be accomplished from my morning list.

It is now 7:00 AM and Michael's aide arrives for her day.  I take time to let her know what has happened since she last saw him the day before.  At this time I lay out his schedule for the day.  Some of you may not know that Michael is my fiance.  A little of two years ago he had a massive stroke.  He has been in either rehab or therapy since.

This past Wednesday at therapy we had agreed to a "grant" aphasia program.that The Ohio State University Outpatient Speech staff has received.  Staff includes, psychologist, social worker, speech therapist and anyone who tries to communicate with Michael.  The new plan is super aggressive with speech therapy to be done at home.  It is a "fast" track attack and full of material to be covered each day all day long.  

Basically each therapy has stepped up their game with Michael.  Physical therapy includes lots of exercises to be completed in an hour a day at least if not more.

Occupational therapy is trying their best to make him as independent as possible which is great and he loves it but it does take time.  Nothing is ever done quickly, slowly......slow and steady.

Obviously I want to do all of this with Michael and more than anything want him to be more like the old Mike.  All of this is almost a days work.  The aides can do some but I have been by his side since he had the stroke in front of my one morning.  I need to be there now cheering him on because is just a few days of the aggressive speech he is talking so much better.  YEA!!!

Now my Mom needs me to do this and that for her.  She will make me feel guilty if I don't.  I don't think she wants to do that but it comes through my mind like that.  You have to understand that she has more energy that I do and as I said she is 83 years old.  Her mind never stops.  She is a perfectionist which is so far from far from what I am.  Opposite ends of the spectrum.  

My agenda started to include "distressing" antiques that I have acquired at auctions, flea markets, etc.  Okay it is like I needed to add something new to my daily obligations.  I have yearned to do this for a couple of years now.  Finally I have started when I have the extra time.  Isn't that so funny?  Who has extra time?

Summer brings yard work.  Nasty weed eating, lawn mowing, watering flowers and the list goes on for outside tasks.  I have Michael who is a perfectionist too and kept our yard nice and neat.  I keep telling him it is just me now and I do what I can physically do.

One that cannot be excluded is Princess Molly (my dog) who wants my attention too.  Mornings is our time when all is quiet.  She ahem we need to start walking again so she is happy too.  This little stinker for the past three nights around 2:30 AM has started barking and whining to go outside.  Really???  Now???  So I stumble out of bed to let her out.  The worst part is that I can't go back to sleep.  Once I lay down to sleep I don't wake up until morning.  My sleeping schedule was way out of whack and that does not make for a clear mind.

Seems like what I have done this morning is rant and rave which was not my intention.  There just isn't enough time in a day to do all I need to do.  Procrastination is a favorite act of mine but it gets me in trouble every time.

Today I will be search blog articles about time management.  Maybe what is important or do some things on certain days.  Not sure what I will end up doing but something has to give.

Do you have pointers to share?  Please at this point I will listen to anything and try it.  Comments please?!?!

Thank you so much for allowing me to get this off my chest.  It feels better already.  I know some of you with children especially experience this.  My ears and eyes are ready for suggestions!

Have a fun filled day and enjoy life!