Sunday, July 21, 2013

Update Photos of Dustin's Memorial Garden & New Projects

Seems forever since I last posted.  So much going on.  I need either more hours in a day or less to do.  I am sharing my son's Memorial Garden pics today and some project that I am working on.

Now for the current project.  I got this small trunk at an auction.  A brilliant idea came to make it my end table because I need a big one.  So I thought of this trunk.  I still need suggestions for the legs.  Nothing conventional, something unique, different so suggest away. 

This is the before pics.  I have pics of it stripped.

During the process.  Can't wait to get it finished.!

Gave up on this one!  OH MY!  I worked really hard on it.  It does look better now.  Show completed later.

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