Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sister-in-law and a Country Garden

We had a wonderful day yesterday visiting Michael's sister.  When I go up I want to be like her.  Not only is her house always in pristine condition so is her yard and she works full time.  So envious.  I am going to share some of her pretties and hope you like them too.

Ruth at our Christmas Fiesta Party.....she will shoot me for adding this photo but it is so cute.

Beautiful Patriotic display on her shed.  Awesome!

Ruth's vegetable garden with upcycled pop can flowers.  

Another view of the vegetable garden.  Weed free.  I am just so jealous!  lol

Gorgeous Clematis

Vibrant, thick variegated Hostas

Another beautiful Hostas

Beautiful home for the birds.  Nests already in.

Rustic windchime, I just love wind chimes.

Pig wind chime

I thought this was just a neat look so wanted to share.

Another look I thought was neat.  A log rotted, it is just a cool look.

An old log

A look inside the log.

So there is just a taste of what I found in the country yesterday.  I should have spent more time taking pictures.  Hope you enjoyed.