Friday, July 12, 2013

Some Newbie Blogger Tips Blogspot

There is no way that I am an expert at all.  However I am a pretty new blogger in the blogging world.  Each day I search for tips, tricks, tutorials.

While being on some blog hops I have noticed that some may question how to make their blog wider or the side bars wider.  Here is how to do that in simple language.  That's how I talk after all!

Click on Design on the top right of your blog.  Here is where that takes you.

Click on the Customize Button

That brings you here.  Click Adjust widths.

Slide the bar.  Go ahead have fun.  Watch your blog change below.  The Entire blog is the middle width.
The slide the sidebar.  Mine is the right because I just have two columns.  I did have three but I changed my width and made into two. 

Click Apply to Blog
 There you have it.  You are done.  Wasn't that just so easy?

While you are in here click on Advanced.  Then click Page Text, select a Font and Size.  Click Apply to Blog

Look at your new blog.  It feels like that.  You will be blogging everywhere now to show off.  Have and enjoy.

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