Friday, July 5, 2013

Ready, Set, Blog Goals for The Next Days

I was so excited to finally get to bed at a decent time.  Got my jammies on, set the alarm clock for 4 AM to get up to get all my blog and social media stuff accomplished and enjoy.  I laid in bed trying to think of a great post for a MONDAY.  Everything was in my head and planned.  Almost asleep I realized that tomorrow, now today is Friday.  You see when you get old stuff like this tends to happen out of the blue and you aren't expecting it and when it does happen it just screws you all up.........

So today since I am an old (age) new (blogger) I wanted to share what my goals are for the next 10 days.  I am taking notes, checking Google Analytic the who ball of wax,  It's time to get serious.  I have been working my fingers to the bones and I am not getting any's like insanity.

Are you ready???  You have to let me know if you think this will work.  I have read so much on getting your blog out there.  To me it seems that some have it and others do not.  BUT that is not what they say.  Patience.  Rome was not built in a day...geez duh!  Where did that phrase come from anyway?  

  1. I will visit at least 10 blogs and leave comments each day.
  2. The second day will be 20, the first 10 and 10 more new on thus the number 20.
  3. Each of their post will be Facebooked, Tweeted, Pinterested, Google +'ed
  4. I will hook up to all of their social media places
  5. I will write a new post each day
  6. I will find my tribe great article from More Than Mommies Blog  on finding your tribe, good read
Okay so that is my big plan.  ahem so, do you think it will work?  Something has to break.  

Well I will keep you post with the amazing stats increase I will be getting.....X your fingers.

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