Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fireworks and All

 Last night we enjoyed an evening away.  That is special for us as we don't get to do it often.  Michael for years goes to a special spot in Columbus, Ohio to watch the Red, White & Boom.  This place is secluded to a point, not a crowd, easy access, and not horrible traffic when leaving.  Friends and family all joined in and made a fun and nice evening.

Sharing some photos.

Michael the first to eat, of course it is all about him!  Love him to pieces.

A fun group behind us.  Great people.

Had to take this pic of The Ohio State Buckeyes chairs!  Go Bucks!

Tim chasing after Cheyenne that will be two.  A real cutie!

We have to take pics of Mike without him knowing as you will see why in later pics.  He is so ornery.

As you can see why we have to surprise him with taking photos.  I was begging him not to do this.  No stopping him.

Trying to get him to stop!  Me and Mike.

Me and my Mom, curly hair night because it was supposed to rain.  Oh well had fun anyway.

I always take horrible pics.  This is Cierra with me and Mom.  Cierra stuck by Mom's side the whole evening.  It was so cute.  She even called Mom this morning.  Priceless!

Mom and one of best friends for 50 years, Blanche and her grandson, Kyle.

New Love Birds.  I told her to put her leg up like that and it embarrassed him to death!  Fun!


Cheyenne cheese!  Too Cute.

Family pic had to hold Mike's hand down.

Me, Mom and Blanche......

Friends me and Jeri

It is really difficult to take photos of fireworks.  Never tried before.  They were done before I could get a shot off.  Here is what I did manage to get.

   My favorite fireworks.  ohhhhhh-awwwww

Did pretty good on this one!

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