Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yea! My Yard is almost done.

It seems as though I have worked so hard and very diligently this year on my yard.  Poor thing has been so neglected for a couple of years.  Then I fell in love, yes in love with Pinterest and it gave me so many ideas and sparked my inspiration.  It is not perfect yet and in some pics you will see pots left, some things needed to be put away.  The wheel barrow got a flat tire so can't use it to move anything around.  Whew!

Remember I am not finished but wanted to share.

Upcycled window use, tub, chair and bread box.
Oh yes we have whirly gigs every where. 

 Flower Pots ! & 2 in front of the ramp.  Upcycled pots.

Upcycled Step stool and distressed, upcycled rusted tool box with flowers, 3 upcycled cans with flowers to add color.

Dustin's (in memory of my son) garden

Recycled tub with flowers, a metal bucket and 2 vintage water cans upcycled with flowers in them.

Vintage wagon wheel as part of Dustin's garden and a left flower pot.  Oops!

Wolves in Dustin's garden with upcycled pop can flowers.

Close up of the wolves and the upcycled pop can flowers.

 The house and an almost completed front yard.  Now to the back yard.  Oh my it is a real mess.  Wish me luck!

Small flower bed in front of the ramp with an upcycled fan blade as a flower.

If I can do this anyone can.  I had to take my time since my back surgery I cannot bend so I sat on my bottom a lot to get it done.  



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  1. Looks beautiful! Great job! Enjoy it : )
    Karen @ Karen's Soiree