Monday, April 22, 2013

Easy Way to Cut a Wine Bottle

This is a wonderful and useful way to cut wine bottles or beer bottles.  I have tried it and it really does work.  So easy the it will be endless as to what you can create now that you know.

Things that you will need.  Yarn, acetone nail polish remover for real nails, ice, water, matches or a lighter.  Simple.

If you create something bring it back to share.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL keep acetone away from where you are working.  It is very flamable......yes I experienced that too.  Dish towel caught fire and I thought how dumb I was but I was just so excited to try.  Also make sure you clip the ends or your bottle will crack up the bottle, yes I did that too.  Don't expect to be perfect the first time.

I have been wanting to make a wind chime using small slices of wine bottles.


I got it from this website. 

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