Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Distressing Furniture is Stressing Me!

So I have been so busy gathering goodies for my yard.  You need to understand that since Michael had his stroke the yard has been left to tend to itself.  Not too pretty at the moment.

I going to try to distress my first piece of anything.  It has not been easy and of course I want it done right now!  I am going for this look except I am putting a really cool rusty toolbox on top filled with flower and a couple on the steps.  This is for the front flower bed #3.
This year is the year of potted flowers.  I have some perennials if they get going as it doesn't look like it yet but it is early.  NOW us when they should be showing me something! 

Then there are some shutters that I just had to buy at an aucton. What was I thinking????

I know I am whining!  So sorry it's that I want all of this stuff and I am a newbie.  Wanting more than ever to spruce up the front of the house, curb appeal!  lol  Wait until I get to the back yard.....oh my!

Of course my electric sander wouldn't work, Mike's battery operated wouldn't work and silly me couldn't get the Dremel going until my brother-in-law came down.  I felt so dumb when he showed me what I doing wrong.  

I am going for this look with the shutters.

I have this project all painted and just needs put together.  I made some adjustments.  I am using old rusty wire to link them together.  Minus the door unless I find one or two.  I have searching everywhere for them.
Last I have all the pieces for my next project with some changes.  This has 3 buckets.  I will be using one bucket and 2 vintage watering cans.  It will look so cute.
Then we will have 3 large pots with flowers and that will be it.  Of course I had to read an article on  blog about "How to edge flower beds like a pro."  Now that is on the list too.
I hope you follow along to see my finished projects.  My first attempt at doing something in the yard besides mow and pull weeds.
Have a wonderful day.