Thursday, June 14, 2012

What do you mean this is TRASH? My fav piece

The story behind this old flour tin is a true rescue.

The Mechantile Flour Tin sat outside in the weather for years  among my parents little pile that American Pickers would have drooled over. 
One day my Mom decided to put it in the ol' shed.  Then here I come one day looking for all the rusty things I could find and it wasn't difficult at all.  Every place my eyes landed was a piece of rusty, vintage industrial treasure.  How had I missed all of this stuff as long as I had.
ell I felt something speaking to me so I dugs, grunted, got rusty myself and there it was.  "Mom where did this come from?"  Having no clue I snagged it up with love, treated it so delicately and brought it home.

I did some research on the net and found some in New York City worth a fortune, however I found out what it really was.
A Mechantile Flour Tin (Bin).  I was in love, I awed in proudness that I had rescued this piece to love forever.

Those that enter my home with no sense of what treasures are will say, "Doesn't this belong in the dump?"  My heart stops a beat, I can't believe my ears.  When I tell the story they are not impressed and still insists it is trash.
My favorite piece, I can't explain my love for it but I know you have those pieces too.

A share for all of those that understand.....


  1. That flour tin is awesome! Lucky to find such a treasure--anything with a bit of rust and natural patina is so charming to me. Love it! Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow, great finds!I am a vintage collector, so I understand!
    What is even better is that these beauties have a family history attached to them... so precious!

  3. WooHoo! Thanks for following on my blog. I"m following on yours now too in both spots. You've made a lovely blog. Welcome to blogland.

    Coleen in Ukraine
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