Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Best Friend

Often times support come from man's best friend.  Besides your parents who always love you no matter what, who else thinks you are the best always?  For me that is Molly.  She is so excited when I come home, we I wake up, just to see me.  Now at times that ain't too pretty!  Crawllng out of bed after wearing a C-PAP all night makes for beautiful bed head.  She comes to me tail waggin and ready for some lovin.  No matter how the day has gone she is more than excited to see me.  What a wonderful feeling.  Molly really believes that EVERYTHING is all about her.  When Michael's aides come, of course they have come to see her. The mailman comes everyday just for her!  She is the real Princess in all sense of words.  We love her and always bow to her.  She's my best friend......

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  1. Totally smiling... Love this! Molly is adorable!