Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vintage Home Decor Industrial Tool Caddy Repurposed Recycled, Tool Storage

Time sure has gone by quickly since I was able to post.  Sharing a repurposed/upcycled industrial tool caddy.  It can now be used as a storage container,  Perfect for part of the vintage home decor that I am trying to achieve.

It's a bit difficult.  Mike likes the manly ugly treasures from the 1980's, Mom is also stuck in the 1970's and 1980's but the horrible Early American items.  I have a vintage antique washstand, a vintage trunk repurposed as a side table (pics to come) and a mantle that I can do as I please with.

I started with small changes as to not throw them into shock!  lol

The vintage industrial tool caddy was bought at an auction.  The future for it wasn't clear until I had an "a ha" moment.  We have a zillion five (5) remotes that needs a storage spot.  A small collection of bottles, and a vase with fresh flowers will soon make it's way to a new home in this vintage industrial caddy.

The first thing I did was to wash the tool caddy.  Next step was to use a hand sander to smooth out the rusted spots and the finish as well.

Okay I then cheated and spray painted the entire industrial tool box caddy.

I tried the wax paper transfer but it didn't work for this at all so it got repainted and was stamped with black flourish and dandelion fluff.

Plenty of rooms for all of the treasures to fill up each section.  May leave one or two empty.

I hand sanded the handle for a more distressed look.

Taa-daa all finished.  Yea!  Next is rearranging the living room for all of the newly repurposed home decor lovelies to be place ever so carefully.
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