Thursday, August 22, 2013

Attention Mom's, Dad's & Grandparents Take Photos and Journal Jot

Memories last a lifetime is a quote I have always heard.  Unfortunately as we get older there are times when we forget certain special times with our children, family and friends.

Since I lost my only child at the age of 17, I advise everyone to take as many photos as you can and don't stop when they get out of that "cute" stage.  Keep taking pics their whole life.  Pictures are one of the greatest mind joggers of memories every.  It is rewarding to see a picture and then remember the time.

I always tell people all that I have is pictures and memories.  Now to the memories, I am so afraid of forgetting something.  Your situation is different, start to "Journal Jot" every day.  "Journal Jot" is each and every day jot down something about the day concerning your children, husband, parents, friends & who ever you come into contact that day.  "Journal Jot" is different than journaling, of course I made this phrase up when I started to remember things from the past.  For example usually when you journal you write nice sentences and give it some emotional touches here and there.  "Journal Jots" are like the following and take less time.
  • Dustin hit a grand slam 07-15-2001
  • Mom hit a deer with her car
  • My hubby brought me beautiful flowers
  • My best friend Leah sent me a card
That is it.  Not a lot of thought process or time to "Journal Jot."  These "Journal Jots" will mean the world to you as you look back and it jogs your memory to a happy time or to something very important.

This week as I sat watching America's Got Talent the Backstreet Boys sang.  Honestly I didn't hear a word they said as the cobwebs of my mind were cleared and a beautiful memory came to me that I had forgotten.  My son may have been around 11 years old when he came from his room and handed me a CD and told to listen to "The Perfect Fan."  He then said, "It's all about you Mom."

I scrambled to get to a CD player to hear this song.  Then I sat there crying.  Why?  Because he realized I was there for him and I knew he loved me for that.  You see all through his sports....ahem....blush...everyone knew I was there.  I was a big cheerleader for the whole team.

Sharing some of my favorite photos.

Don't put it off start today to "Journal Jot."  Use a regular notebook, a steno pad (do they still make these?  lol) just start jotting down special events, saying, songs, everything needs to be jotted.

Start today taking pictures of everything you can!
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