Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flea Market and Auction Finds

I am just about as simple of a person as it gets....now not simple minded however some may not agree with that!  

When I go to Flea Markets and Auctions I am on the look out for the little grubby things.  Honestly I couldn't fit another piece of furniture any where in my house.  I had to sell some to get it to a manageable area.  Three households together: my finace, my Mother and myself and I was a huge collector.

Back to the Flea Markets and Auctions.  Usually as soon as I walk in I start drooling as I scope out all the treasures waiting for new loving homes.  I may start getting some furniture and working some of my magic that has been hidden inside for years and then sell it.  Have to think hard on that one.  Anyway here are some of my finds that had me whooping.  I know to each his own!  Hope you like them.


My favorite is the goggles and the sewing machine drawers ah heck everything is my favorite.

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