Saturday, June 1, 2013

Addicted to Social Media

Social media could consume my entire day.  My dream is to be able to be on all the social media sites all day for at least one day a week.  A girl can dream, right?

My latest is Twitter.  OMG, it is so addicting as is Pinterest, Blogging, Bloglovin, oh goodness sakes I have it bad.

Klout was something new that I tried.  My Klout score as of yesterday was 59 and I was whooping and oh yeah while dancing around.  The family is totally clueless to all of this.  I was happy though. 

Now let me think about being excited about a Klout score??? New followers??  Love it all.

About a month or two ago I got my first Smart Phone, ok…..I was thinking I would never use it like all of the other people around me who seem to have their eyes set on their phones.  Those people do not have a life.   Well, I thought that before I got used to my IPhone……another addiction.  Restraint is used in public to some extent.

When telling a story about a Friend on Facebook helped me find part of my genealogy and me just rambling on about how wonderful I thought this guy was I suddenly stopped and heard what I was saying.  To those who do not understand I probably sounded like a poor, lonely freak.  “A friend from Facebook????”  It is true this wonderful man got information on my Genealogy in about 10 minutes or less that I spent months looking for.  Again the whooping and hollering was heard.  My Mother came to my room to see if I was okay.  I tried to explain to her what had just happened as she is looking at me like I had four heads I ended with, “Never mind I will explain later.”

Bloggers, I love reading your stories.  I have learned so much about everything and also how terrible I was a Mother according to all the new things Mom’s do today and for evermore my Mother raised me way wrong.!  Lol

Pinterest has given me so many ideas I can’t keep up with all of them.  My lawn and flower gardens were definitely inspired by Pinterest totally.  At as point I just had to say to myself, “Nancy, get off of Pinterest, take a deep breath, realize you cannot do every Upcycle project in one summer.”  Such a bummer.

Facebook, oh how I love the pictures with the quotes, another addiction.
Twitter, love seeing the quotes, items for sale, and the things I learn.  Yes, you got it another addiction.

Maybe there is group therapy for Social Media addiction?  Nah who cares, right?  I am loving it and that it all that matters…..agree?

All of you that feel the same way let me know so I know I am not alone!


  1. Nancy, You are not alone. I have 12 windows open including my twitter, google + , facebook, pinterest, and my blog. Before I get off I will check my linked too. I am definitely joining your site. We have so much in common too. :)

  2. :) Such a funny post Nancy! I love social media too! You actually reminded me of this website I came across "" - I promise you are not alone! People come to this website and "confess" their weird, wonderful and obsessive behaviors that are a direct result of Facebook (so entertaining!) This site comes from FANTASTIC author Gemini Adams who recently published her book called "The Facebook Diet." The book features cartoons that all begin with the phrase, "You know you're a Facebook addict when...." and it actually has some pretty good tips on how to start a "digital detox" if one where to feel so inclined! This is part of a series that will continue to encourage people to question the health of their high-tech habits and make them laugh :) highly recommend it! Hope you will give it a read