Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mixture of Emotions with Nature, a Creek and a Crane

Being raised on a farm with five ponds and a creek running through the land it never occurs to me how peaceful the creek sounds can be.  I took all that for granted I suppose as a child because it was always there; it was home.

 Deercreek Creek

A rare opportunity to get away from the house was in itself peaceful for me.  We have a lake (Deercreek State Park) near where I live that I grew up a couple of miles down the road and never think to go there.  I did go and I am just so glad.  

A Lone Duck

Listening to the water rush over the rocks was a feeling I have a hard time finding words for except maybe peaceful, in harmony with nature, every problem vanished as I sat and listened to nature.  The calming feeling came over me that was better than any massage.  For that moment in time I was free from all that was going on in my life.  I was just in the moment.

Duck and Crane

Looking across the creek I saw a white farm duck not sure what they are really called but we had them as pets in our ponds.  He was enjoying the beautiful sun lit day in the water and ducking in to find some food.  Suddenly I saw this huge Pterodactylus (tehr-o-DAK-til-us) swooping in for a landing (honestly it was HUGE).  Now you must know I am soooooo afraid of anything that flies even butterflies.  At this moment my heart was pounding out of my chest not knowing where this creature was going to land.  It was a local crane.  Used to seeing these off at a distance because I never went close.  He landed beside the duck. A sigh of relief calmed me down and I was back to nature zone.

Duck and Crane Flapping at Me to Leave!

The crane was far enough away I could appreciate him and take some photos.  He knew I was a sucker as he took a few steps my way and of course I was backing up.  In an instance when he was coming my way he flapped his ginormous wings and again I was in defensive mode.  Thinking to myself knowing he was not going to come near me I again calmed down to take some photos.

Despite the crane my short time with Nature most enjoyable.  I was refreshed.  I thank God for such simple beauties there for us to enjoy.

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  1. We all learn to appreciate these things later on in life when we sorta "slow down". I often find myself having these same emotions about the everyday beauty around me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us :)