Monday, April 29, 2013

Pinterest, Gardens and Sister-In-Laws

Where do you stop???  I have just fallen in love with Pinterest and have so many ideas that I need to stop at some point.

My sister-in-laws are coming Friday!  Yikes!  I want to get everything done because they have perfect lawns, of course.  However......when they visit they will tell me all the weeds that I missed.  I just can't wait for Friday to get here.....NOT!

The following items I just found and would love to do them by Friday.  I have everything I just need to do it.  Wish me luck and I will take photos.


  1. You are being very ambitious with these projects! Good Luck - but if you finish just one or none, your sisters-in-laws will still love you!

  2. I should have said I am only doing the bottom two. The top is too fancy for me but I like them.

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