Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some Vintage Treasures

Soon I hope to be able to sell some of our vintage items.  Here's a taste!

Stunning turquoise or cockatoo earrings

Awesome patina on 2 Vintage Industrial clip on lamps.  They are not the same.

Vintage Corbin lock, key does not fit the set but comes with it.

Vintage metal toy truck

Wonderful set of Vintage white with red trim pots or pans

Stunning vintage pink/honeysuckle necklace

Beautiful Christmas wreath brooch

Stunning faux gem Christmas tree brooch

Pewter Sun brooch

Vintage bird brooch

Vintage Shabby Chic bowl


  1. You have some beauties! I have a feeling these will all sell fast!

  2. Lovelies! I have some of my grandmother's costume jewelry and love it :)